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Warm fire place in brick wall
15 Jul 21


Read up on some easy tips to rent your property fast.

Well, here we are, halfway through winter and in the middle of yet another Melbourne Covid lockdown – that’s right, lockdown 6! I guess if there is a time to be stuck at home, the middle of winter is not such a bad time. I am thinking Ugg boots and open fires; woolly jumpers and cosy knits, hot drinks and comfort food; saying that it’s pretty hard not to keep walking past the fridge or pantry and peering in to see if that block of chocolate has suddenly materialised!

We also want our environment to feel cosy during the colder months and with us all at home in lockdown right now, it is a great time to put some thought into our interiors and how we can bring warmth and cosines into our living space.

It is easy to achieve a cosy and welcoming feel to the inside of your home this winter and Jackie Fyfe, our interior design partner @stylingbyjackie has offered up her expert tips to rent fast, bringing happiness & warmth into your space right now; ‘exactly what we all need for 2021.’



Winter is about creating layers in your home so you can cosy up on the sofa with a feel-good movie, a book, glass of wine or a mug of hot chocolate – hello lockdown!

You can also create a super comfortable feel with these tips, helping you rent fast when you put your property on the market. For instance, you can layer up your sofas by adding feathered cushions and textured throw blankets made from chunky knits, soft velvet, linens, or faux fur.

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace then cuddle up in front of it, or for the kids and the sweet tooths, toast some marshmallows. Sitting by the fire during the winter months (especially when it is raining outside) is incredibly relaxing.



On these dreary dull days, your home will gain an entirely new atmosphere and ambience by adding a floor lamp, table lamp or even burning a candle. These light sources help to create mood in a room, especially when there is less natural light during the colder months.

I recommend trying a candle with peppermint, bergamot, cloves, cinnamon & lavender for a warming aroma. This is especially important when you’re dealing with property management and inspections to rent or market your home.



Keep your feet warm and the drafts at bay by adding a soft neutral floor rug to your living space. The addition of a rug will create an inviting and comfortable zone.



An easy way to manage your rental property when you’re trying to jazz it up for the market is to mix up your interiors with earthy neutrals and rustic tones; or objects that have an artisanal and handmade quality. Colour palettes that embrace browns, soft terracotta’s and muted-stone hues are warm and comforting - perfect for everyday life & relaxation.

Classic natural woven materials like rattan, wicker and sisal are all having a moment in interiors right now so don’t be afraid to experiment with texture.



Indoor plants are the perfect way to bring some bright and natural elements to your interiors and lift your mood on gloomy winter days. They can also be good for reducing stress, boosting productivity, and they may even help to improve the air quality in your home, according to Anne Ellard, author of Eight Heals Benefits of Indoor Plants for Houzz Australia by Domain.

Native florals like proteas, banksia, eucalyptus branches or any green foliage look great around your home and make you feel good -bring the outdoors inside!

These are just a handful of the many ways you can create a warm and cosy living space this Winter. If you’re after more helpful tips, feel free to get in contact with Jackie @stylingbyjackie who will be more than happy to provide you with an interior consultation, she can even do this virtually if you’re keen to get started.


Styling tips to rent fast provided by Interior Stylist Jackie Fyfe @stylingbyjackie

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