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14 Jan 21


First National Real Estate, along with the 7 Network, has proudly announced its 2021 sponsorship of this years Seven News Young Achiever Awards.

First National Real Estate is helping to create opportunities for young people who are making a difference to receive public recognition through two categories:

  1. The First National Real Estate Leadership Award
  2. The First National Real Estate Innovation Award

Conducted in each state and highlighting and acknowledging the achievements of young Australians, who provide motivation and encouragement for all young Australians at all levels in their chosen field of endeavour.

First National have begun searching throughout Victoria for young individuals aged under 29 who wish to nominate in the category First National Real Estate Leadership Award.

Tenacity, dedication, passion, selflessness and confidence are all key qualities of those young “leaders” and driving force in our communities. They are making a significant difference amongst their peers and the First National Real Estate Leadership Award acknowledges the example they set, while inspiring others to pursue ambitions.

If somebody in your community deserves recognition for their work, please put their name forward now.

To submit a nomination, visit and select ‘nominated now’. Alternatively, call Young Achiever Awards Australia on 1300 735 445.

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