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Pets and Pests
10 Aug 20

Pets and Pests

What Pets Need Approval?

All pets require owner approval. Not only the furry & feathered, you require approval for reptiles & even fish. Fish tanks can cause extensive damage to a property if broken & therefore require approval. Where required a copy of permits or licenses must be provided.

Pet Terms and Conditions

  1. Any pet/s other than the approved pet/s specified in the General Tenancy Agreement and the Pet Agreement must first be requested by the tenant in writing via a separate Pet Application giving full details and then be approved in writing by the lessor PRIOR to the pet/s being allowed onto the Premises. Pet approval may be subject to specific criteria and must be complied with. Approval is NOT guaranteed
  2. The tenant shall be liable for any damage or injury whatsoever caused by the pet/s on the property, whether they are the tenant’s pets or their guests pets and regardless of their approval status
  3. The tenant accepts full responsibility and indemnifies the lessor for any claims by or injuries to third parties or their property caused by, or as result of actions by their pet/s or their guest’s pet/s, regardless of their approval status
  4. The tenant agrees to arrange for flea fumigation at the end of the tenancy
  5. The pet/s are to be outside at all times, unless specified otherwise in the Tenancy Agreement or Pet Agreement. Guide dogs are an exception
  6. If the pet is a dog, the tenant agrees to restrain or remove the dog from the premises for the duration of inspections arranged by the Property Manager with the required notice given

How to Help Avoid Mice in the Home

Strike at the source by removing un-stored food sources throughout the home, placing food in air tight containers and remove mouse friendly food outside. Destroy their homes by cleaning and removing areas that could shelter vermin inside and outside ie: piles of items and long grass. Plug any points of entry that you find and use traps and safe baits.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Remove traces of food and water, even trace amounts can attract them. Maintain this standard. Remove piles of junk, dirty clothing, bags of paper recycling, any places of clutter and refuge from daylight.

For an information sheet on mould, mice or roaches contact your Property Manager.

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