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13 May 20

Electronic Lease Signing

Out of adversity comes opportunity! It is not in question that Covid19 has put us all under pressure in one way or another, but the silver lining for us is that we have certainly found ways to streamline our processes and improve efficiencies in some areas of our business.


A notable example of this was us recognising our desire to ensure a seamless and efficient customer experience relating to new leases and lease renewals within the current climate. We were able to determine that our standard paper-based procedure was going to be severely impacted by the restrictions surrounding social distancing and would no longer be the best way for us to manage that property management task. So, we have moved forward and developed our new procedure utilising an online version of our paper-based lease agreement.


This is great news, particularly in the case of sending lease renewals to tenants as they will no longer be required to be printed first – wasting paper and other resources. Likewise, for new tenants moving in, either locally or from interstate, they will be able to pre sign their agreements without the need to visit our offices.


We have been utilising electronic signatures for Lease Agreements for over a month now and the turnaround has been substantial. Clients who have had new documents signed, have expressed great delight in how fast and efficient the new program is – providing swift security for all parties, particularly in these strange times. No more snail mail slowing the whole process down and no more lost/missing documents. We have found that a process that could last weeks previously (by the time the documents were received, signed and returned), can now occur within minutes.

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