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14 Apr 20

Points of Difference

Choosing the right estate agency to manage your investment property is one of the most difficult tasks you will face as a landlord. No two properties or landlords are the same - it is vital that your property’s features and your individual needs are considered.

Whilst we appreciate that fees may play a part in your decision making process, it is vastly more important to consider the systems, processes and experience that underpin the strength of the agency that you select to manage your financial future. The reality is that all Victorian Real Estate Agencies are governed by the same legislation. What makes us different, is the way in which we conduct our business, the services that we provide and the quality of those services.

Here are just a few of the ways that First National Neilson Partners are able to provide a superior Property Management service:

  • We boast a dedicated, qualified and fully licensed director overseeing and supporting our Rental Division.
  • Longevity - Our rental departments alone boast in excess of 200 years industry experience.
  • We provide a dedicated book keeping department to disburse your funds several times per week - not monthly or fortnightly.
  • Two tenant databases working pro-actively to net every possible enquiry on your property.
  • Two qualified members of staff specialising solely in the conduct and reporting of routine property inspections.
  • We offer a ‘pet friendly’ initiative for landlords who will consider and allow pets.
  • We encourage professional campaigns of your investment property to attract the right applicants at the best price.
  • We have three strategically positioned offices working collaboratively to ensure every possible avenue is explored to secure the right result..
  • We have been actively working in sales and property management since 1917 when our Company Founder Frank Facey first opened the doors
  • We adhere to ISO accredited Quality Assurance processes designed to guarantee legislatively compliant and industry appropriate procedures

Please feel free to CONTACT US to discuss any of the above mentioned points should you require.

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