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24 Mar 20

Tips For Working From Home

We as humans are social beasts and in unprecedented times such as these where many employees, including some of our Neilson Partners team, make the move to work remotely from home it is important to continue a proactive work/life balance to help you stay productive and connected whilst working from home. Here are 10 tips to help you along the way:

  1. Set Clear Working Hours  Set yourself clear working hours and stick to them. Working from home is flexible though this doesn't mean that you should be working around the clock. End your day at a set time and respond to emails and notifications the following day
  2. Have a Dedicated Workspace  Set yourself a dedicated workstation within your home, whether it be a home office, a desk or table in a quiet corner or your kitchen table. Open doors and windows for fresh air and natural light and distance yourself from distractions such as the television
  3. Take Breaks from Screentime  Take regular breaks from screen time as staring at your computer or phone can be straining on your eyes, not to mention draining! Get up and walk outside for some fresh air, make a coffee or do some paperwork
  4. Have Regular Team Catch-Ups  Host daily or weekly team meetings via Zoom for regular check in's and updates. A 15 minute catchup will keep everyone connected
  5. Communication is Key  Working from home can be very isolating so ensure the lines of communication are kept open. Include everyone you feel needs to be involved in emails
  6. Turn on Video During Calls  A face to face conversation can remove the sense of isolation
  7. Make Time for Social Chats with Co-Workers  Even if it's at the begining or end of a work call; ask your team mate about their day, what's for dinner tonight, what did you do on the weekend
  8. Turn Off Notifications  Turn your notifications off outside work hours. When you're working from home it's easy to blurr the lines between work and home/family time
  9. Acknowlege Birthdays and Special Events  You might not be able to share cake in the office though a ''Happy Birthday'' or ''Congratulations'' goes a long way. Use a group messaging platform
  10. Make Time for Health & Wellbeing  Continue to make time for your physical and mental health and wellbeing outside work hours. Go for your regular run, do some yogo or meditatation and play outside with the kids



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