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Climate Change
20 Feb 20


Not only has the push for climate change made its mark on the streets of Australian capital cities but the suburban and regional Australian real estate market is now seeing the force of climate change consciousness with an influx of local home buyers and renters seeking out properties that are environmentally responsible and sustainable.

As a result of a surge in buyers and renters questioning the energy efficiency of properties across Australia, First National Neilson Partners suggest that the Government should follow the lead of the Australian Capital Territory and review their Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) scheme.  

For many countries around the world, it is compulsory for sellers to acquire and disclose a home’s energy efficiency whereas in Australia, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is the only place where a seller must disclose to potential buyers the dwelling’s energy performance.  The Energy Efficiency Rating (EER), as it is called, is assessed by an accredited energy assessor.

Irrespective of personal views on climate change, there is no denying resources are drying up and costing people in utility bills.  As a result, we are seeing more and more home buyers and renters, of all ages, asking for properties with lower carbon footprints.  Canberrans are leading the climate conscious charge with the disclosing of a property’s EER, which certainly makes it easier for home buyers and tenants to make an environmentally conscious property decision.

Buyers and renters are aware that not only are they doing their bit for the environment but a sustainable home undoubtedly means cheaper energy bills and, as a result, are seeking out energy and water efficiency, properties made from environmentally responsible materials, living features including reduced noise pollution, low-wattage lighting, ample natural light, pools with modern efficient pumps and filters, double glazing and solar panels as well as scope to grow their own produce.

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