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Beyond The Bricks
13 Feb 20

Beyond the Bricks

As with all Australians and supporters abroad, we have been deeply saddened by the bushfires and the devastating effects they’ve had across Australia. Countless communities have been absolutely ravaged by drought and fire resulting in the loss of human life, wildlife, homes and bushland. Over the past weeks, First National has worked with members, other industry brands and relief organisations to find out how we can best provide immediate and longer-term support to those affected by the bushfires. As a result, numerous real estate brands and institutes have now come together in this time of crisis. More than 27 groups are so far throwing their support behind the industry-wide campaign, which we have called Beyond the Bricks.

As an industry, we can make a difference and show communities our united capacity to HELP.

We’re committed to working together to deliver a three-phase recovery plan that will provide cash relief, support rebuilding, and then economic restoration. The industry intends to restore hope for the future, help people rebuild their lives, and then help local economies get back on their feet.

Please give generously.

The collective commitment from the 27 above groups brings the initial industry-wide donation total to over $900,000. This includes a significant donation from First National Real Estate.

Importantly, Beyond the Bricks is not a “set and forget".

It comprises a three-phase plan - relief, rebuild, restore - which will provide not only assistance during the crisis but to the communities most affected in the aftermath beyond this point - our customers.

These initial funds will predominantly be directed to the following four preferred national charities - St Vincent de Paul, The Salvation Army, the Australian Red Cross and World Wide Fund for Nature Australia (WWF), with potentially more to be added.

PLEASE join us to support those communities who have been affected.

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