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Sell in Spring
1 Sep 19


Spring usually has the largest number of buyers actively seeking a new home.

Regardless of whether it is a buyer’s or a seller’s market, spring is when buyers turn their minds to buying a house.

So it makes sense for sellers to put their minds, or shoulders, into gear and spruce up their homes.

The first step to presenting properties in the best possible light is to stick to the basics and do general repairs around the home.  Make sure things are in proper working order.  There are no loose roof tiles, or creaky floorboards, or that guttering is not coming away from the house.  Fix any chips and cracks in walls, ceilings and skirting boards.

Perhaps consider giving the whole house a face lift with a fresh new paint job inside and outside the home.

The tip here is to make sure you stick to neutral colours, both internally and externally and this will ensure your home has a light, clean and bright look.

Clean and Tidy’ is the name of the game, even if a house is a little traditional and outdated, it will still make an impact if presented properly.

A real spring clean is always a good idea and that means cleaning carpets, windows, curtains and blinds and polishing floors, silverware and glassware around the house.

Make sure clutter is gone to maximize use of the space available.  Get rid of everything you don’t need.  Be minimalistic in your approach.  If it’s not essential for day-to-day living, toss it out or put it into storage.

An area that is often neglected, or forgotten, is the garden.  It is critical to get the balance right between a well-presented garden and not being seen as extravagant.

If you have a lush, green garden, but no water or waste management devices you may turn people off.

Paved areas and courtyards, drought-tolerant plants, native flora and potted spring flowers and shrubs are now more sought after by buyers.

Another garden tip is to rake the yard and keep it clean of any debris.  Trim back bushes so that windows and paths are not impeded and let in lots of sunlight into your home.

Windows that allow sunlight to stream inside makes the home much more inviting and visually appealing.

There are a few home-staging tips that can also produce some great results.  Introduce colour and fragrance indoors with some strategically placed vases, complete with fresh-smelling flowers.

Another decorator favourite is to accent bathrooms, sofas and beds with inexpensive items such as colourful towels, throws and pillows.  And for real impact, consider setting out some tasty snacks such as individually wrapped treats in colourful cellophane or pretty ribbons.

A well-presented home will attract greater numbers of potential buyers and increase competition, translating to possibly as much as a five to 10 per cent increase in the selling price.

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