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23 Oct 18

Would You Be happier On Lifestyle Acreage?

Whether you have been priced out of it, or watched the value of your current property plummet, it’s a roller coaster that makes us question why we even want a life in the city anyway right? So, with the freedom brought by telecommuting and the changing face of regional towns, maybe it’s time to give lifestyle acreage a try?

A more affordable lifestyle offers greater mental and financial stability

Property on capital city fringes or on the edge of larger regional cities can be considerably more affordable than inner city investments and you get so much more bang for your buck! The ease of financial pressure also reduces emotional stress, knowing that you are living within your means and able to secure your financial future at the same time.

A good work life balance brings greater freedom

Those who work from home can certainly adapt to this new lifestyle easily enough and will enjoy their income much more as they continue to earn the same amount but are spending their cash on a much more affordable lifestyle.

It’s easy enough to keep fit and healthy in the city but part of that equation requires a heavy investment, from gym memberships to organic produce, and buying specialty items at health food stores. It will take a little time but gradually the rural rhythms can have a significant impact on your general health and wellbeing. Physical activity becomes a more pleasurable experience when you’re surrounded by nature and living with the seasons.

Being part of a rural community has great benefits for a family or for a young couple planning their future and becomes nurturing in ways that are more difficult to find in the inner city. Plus, the effects on your general health and wellbeing cannot be underestimated. You also have a much greater shot at a strong and vibrant financial and personal future by investing less in the property itself and more in your actual lifestyle.

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