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Pool Maintenance
17 Jul 18

Pool Maintenance Made Easier

It is recommended that you appoint a swimming pool specialist contractor to regularly check on pool chemical levels, swimming pool compliance and to ensure that all pumps and filters are in working order. The contractor should also be instructed to provide your tenant with a pool care checklist to ensure that the pool is maintained at peak working order at all times.

During summer, chlorine levels in the pool should be regularly checked. Sunlight removes chlorine levels from the pool and increases the chances of the pool turning green causing increased algae levels.

A pool that is not adequately maintained not only affects water quality but it also affects the operation and efficiency of the pool pump and filter. This is particularly important as pool pumps can be the biggest user of electricity in a home and an inefficient pool pump and filter could cost you dearly in restoring pool chemical balances and cleaning costs during and at the end of a tenancy.

To ensure that your pool is maintained to peak performance we suggest that you provide a daily use checklist for your tenant setting out chemical use, how much chlorine is to be added (particularly during peak use times) and even an onsite meeting at the commencement of the tenancy so that the tenant can be shown how to properly care for the pool.

Regular inspections by the contractor during the tenancy can head off future pool maintenance problems.

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