Lily Thompson

Business Development Manager/Client Services

About Lily

Lily's role within the First National Neilson Partners investment team is to provide solid, reliable and honest information to our new investor clients.

As an initial steppingstone in the listing, leasing and management process, Lily is able to guide Rental Providers with current market trends including value, demand, individual property needs and legislative requirements.

She enhances our investor experience by providing a seamless conduit to the property management team who ultimately manage the day-to-day processes of a Residential Tenancy.

Whilst Lily maps our customer needs and nurtures client relationships, she is always on the hunt for new partnerships, and new ways to reach existing markets. She is constantly developing growth strategies and plans to reach new and far-reaching audiences.

Lily is here to help you and ready to provide specialist advice on our property management services and strategies.


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