Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a rental property?

Please note that an applicant is required to inspect a property before any applications can be processed and submitted for consideration to the Rental Provider. 

All participants at an open will be sent a link via sms or email, to an online application form, although hard copy applications will also be made available on-site if required. Please ask the Property Manager in attendance. Alternatively, please download and complete an application form HERE.



All relevant paperwork and signatures must accompany the application when submitted for processing. The paperwork required is - 100 points of ID including current photo identification for each adult. Income support documentation such as - two most recent payslips for each applicant,  Centrelink statements, bank balance.  Remember all adult applicants are to sign the application.

Please feel free to contact one of our three offices for further information on the application process to ensure that your application is submitted in full and to avoid unnecessary delays in the processing of your application.



How do I register for an inspection?

1.  Browse our rental listings at for a suitable property

2.  Click on the property to open the listing

3.  Go to Pre-Register, under Upcoming Inspections

4.  Complete the form

5.  Click on the Register Button

(if you are viewing the home on an alternative website, you will need to click on the email agent button to be redirected to our site)


If a property is leased before your inspection, we can let you know immediately

Receive notification if the inspection time is changed or cancelled

Book a property inspection on the go from your computer, tablet, or smartphone

Receive instant confirmation of your booking

Change or cancel your inspection easily if the time is no longer suitable

Receive timely reminders about upcoming inspections, including online directions to the property's location

Which Real Estate Agent Do I Choose?

"The reality is that all Victorian Real Estate Agencies are governed by the same legislation. What makes us different, is the way in which we conduct our business, the services that we provide and the quality of those services"

We boast a dedicated, qualified, and fully licensed director overseeing and supporting our Rental Division 

Marketing is paramount

Investment properties need and deserve as much care and attention as sales properties

We provide a diligent assessment of applicants and expert negotiations on price

Longevity. Our rental departments alone boast in excess of 200 years of industry experience

We offer a 'pet friendly' initiative for landlords who will consider and allow pets

Two tenant databases working pro-actively to net every possible enquiry on your property

We conduct mandatory six-monthly routine inspections to confirm property condition and tenant compliance

We provide a dedicated bookkeeping department to disburse your funds several times per week - not fortnightly or monthly

We manage residential, commercial, rural/acreage, and NRAS properties providing investors with expertise in many fields and a one-stop-shop for management services

Early response to maintenance requests is key to maintaining your property and tenants relations

We work hand in hand with our Sales Team and Commercial Division

Free Sales Market Appraisal of your investment whenever you need it, to keep you abreast of its value

We urge you to consider the things that set us apart from our competitors. Consider the importance and value you place on the service that you expect to receive and the level of care your hard-earned asset deserves

Who Is My Landlord?

This is not always easy to answer, especially if the landlord (now known as a ‘rental provider’ wants to remain anonymous or lives next door for example. Of course, renters see the Rental Provider’s name on their rental agreement, but property managers are under no obligation to give them any more information than that and are also governed by the guidelines of the privacy act. Keeping boundaries between the rental provider and the renter is one of the main reasons to have a property manager after all. 

I Can’t Pay My Rent This Month - Can I Have An Extension?

Each agency has its own processes around rent collection and arrears – some specific to the type of software they use, and others as a developed policy by the agency. Detail of this is usually provided at the time the lease is signed so responses to renters’ requests for later payments will always comply with this. In times of hardship (such as unemployment, illness or bereavement) a compassionate approach should be taken, and arrangements made where possible that will support the tenant, and minimise detriment to the rental provider. Good communication in these instances is essential.

Can I Get A Pet?

Though their original rental agreement may have stated no pets allowed, renters can request to amend this over time. This has been particularly relevant in recent years with some states (including Victoria) changing legislation to make it easier for renters to keep pets. The rental provider may be adamant they don’t want pets in their property, but if the state laws say otherwise, the choice may be out of their hands. Cases need to be analysed and considered based on their own merit.

Why Has My Rent Gone Up?

Many renters don’t factor ongoing rent increases into their decision when signing their initial rental agreement. Managing expectations as they renew each time and in advance of rent increases helps gradually educate them to expect and manage the increased expense. 

Can I Hang Pictures?

Similarly, legislation has changed around renters hammering things into walls too. Where previously permission from the rental provider was required, now there is more leeway in favour of the renter (within reason). There has been a shift in recent years to allow renters more freedoms to make properties feel more like home – the freedom to choose to have pets and pictures being the first step.

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