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National Property Manager Day
16 Jul 20


At First National Real Estate Neilson Partners our Property Managers are our backbone. 

So, on National Property Manager's Day on Friday July 24th we’re looking forward to showing our gratitude for the heroic efforts they have made throughout 2020, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the pandemic took hold in mid-March, the rental market has been hit hard. Tenants are wanting to vacate due to financial hardship, requests for rent reductions continue to flow in, and there will undoubtedly be an increased supply of rental properties coming on to the market that will be met with a limited and decreasing demand. In the midst of this, the humble property manager is rapidly adapting to the new climate and learning an abundance of new skills.

Neilson Partners team of Property Managers are:

  • Doing their best to council affected parties
  • Navigating the omnibus and leasing principles
  • Having to understand the financial options available to tenants and landlords
  • Working to navigate the six-month moratorium on evictions
  • Diligently trying to sustain good tenancies and assist the landlords to remain financially viable
  • Negotiating new agreements and rental reductions
  • Maintaining releasing levels whilst working with number restrictions and no open homes

The list goes on and on – and it’s all over and above their normal workloads and service provisions.

REINSW has created a day of celebration in support of all property managers nationally, and we are inviting our landlords and tenants alike to participate; it’s really, really easy!

1) Nominate your star property manager and write them a testimonial thanking them for their efforts

2) Send your nomination through to our Rental Division Director – Allison Holzer (before the 24th July, 2020)

The property manager with the most nominations will win a dinner for two (once restrictions have lifted).

Please, if you can spare a moment, we would really appreciate a show of support for your Property Manager – they really do a great job!






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