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Smoke alarm
17 Jun 20


Whilst we are currently preparing for our next smoke detector service run to commence in the coming days, we are keenly aware that legislation in Victoria could soon change in relation to how smoke alarms are serviced. Together with possible mandatory servicing of gas appliances and electrical safety equipment, the onus on landlords looks to become more and more stringent in the next 6 - 12 months.  

Though not confirmed yet, possible changes may look like the following:

  • Mandatory smoke alarm checks every year: Provided by a qualified smoke alarm technician or provider, detailed records of all servicing to be maintained, instructions to renters (tenants) on the operation of their smoke alarms, information included that renters cannot tamper with or interfere with smoke alarms.
  • Mandatory servicing and carbon monoxide testing every two years: To be carried out on gas heaters with gas safety checks on all other appliances (including main gas line pressure testing) to ensure safe operation. These tests are to be completed by a licensed or registered gas fitter/plumber.
  • Mandatory electrical safety check every two years: Energy Safe Victoria to advise exactly what requirements will need to be carried out closer to the new RTA release date. These may range from tests to all safety switches and Residual Current Devices (RCD’s) on a switch board through to testing power points, lights switches and fittings and electrical appliances.

We will be sure to advise as soon as we have concrete changes in writing. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions.

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