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Meaning:  An inspector is someone who looks into, observes, and examines things — especially if there's a legal, building or health concern. An inspector observes things carefully — an inspector checks things out.

It is our normal practice to conduct regular inspections of your leased commercial premises to ensure the tenant is maintaining the property to an acceptable standard, but also to check that their use of the building is consistent with the terms of their lease.

It is possible that during the term of a lease, a tenant may change the agreed use of the property and then create a different purpose. This can also occur if they sub-lease the property to an alternate business.  For example, a tenant may lease a factory to store imported products but decides to set up a retail “window” for contractors or retailers to purchase items. In some areas, this may not be permitted under local Planning Schemes. Sometimes a tenant may want to build a mezzanine floor to gain extra storage, install a deep fryer in a café or build partitioning in an office, but fails to notify the Agent or the Landlord, or seek approvals from the local Council. This can have significant implications when it comes to insurance coverage or possible breaches of Council, Fire and Building Regulations.

Every twelve (12) months, First National Commercial Neilson Partners will conduct an inspection of our landlord's client’s properties and submit a report together with photos and any recommended items for action – including compliancy issues, preventative maintenance matters or tenancy requests. There is absolutely no charge for this service.

Should you have any property related questions, or wish to transfer the management of your investment property to our agency, please contact Serdar Ozcetin or Shannon Hynd of our Commercial Division on (03) 9705 4888. We would welcome the opportunity to represent your best interests.

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