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6 Feb 19

How To End Your Lease Properly, When The Time Comes

In order to end your tenancy, you must give notice to Neilson Partners First National in writing, in accordance with your tenancy agreement.

Even if your fixed term contract is about to expire, you still need to give written notice of your intention to vacate the rental property and give adequate notice of days, as stated in your tenancy agreement, otherwise the tenancy will continue on a month by month basis until either party gives notice to end the tenancy. When you give official notice, we can commence the process of finding a new tenant, and finalise everything to do with your lease so your bond can be returned expeditiously.

If you wish to break your tenancy agreement by leaving the property earlier, some costs may apply so it’s best to get in contact.

Please refer to your tenancy agreement or contact us to find out what your minimum period of notice should be and the potential costs, should you wish to break your tenancy agreement at any stage in the future.

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