Owner Information Portal

Our Property Tree Owner Portal is an online platform where you can access your property information and communicate directly with us. The Property Tree Owner Portal gives you the flexibility to have real-time access to your information, whenever you need it.

Clients are able to utilise the portal as an easy way to obtain information, without the need to contact your property manager.

This is a great tool for our investors, as property managers can often be away from their desks for lengthy periods, and why should you have to wait for your question to be answered?

The portal includes information such as

Property Snapshot Overview

  • Number of Properties
  • Number of Tenancies Vacating
  • Number of Tenancies in Arrears
  • Number of Property Vacancies

Property Details Overview

  • Address of the Property
  • Status (Rented/Vacant)
  • Property Details (Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and car spaces)
  • Lease Dates
  • Arrears
  • Rent Amount per period
  • Next rent due date

Income & Expenditure Reports

  • Summary of your income such as rental payments
  • Expenses
  • Management fees
  • Creditor payments

For further information, please read the following resource which breaks down all of the information sections and provides a guide on how to use the portal.





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