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19 Feb 21


One of the impending changes that has caused some concern amongst landlords, is the introduction of modifications that tenants will be able to perform without gaining consent from their landlord (Residential Rental Provider). With the publication of the amendments, we now have a clear picture of what modifications can be undertaken.

For the purposes of section 64(1) of the Act, the following modifications are prescribed

In a rented premise that is not a registered place (not heritage listed):

  • Installation of picture hooks or screws for wall mounts, shelves or brackets on surfaces other than exposed brick or concrete walls
  • Installation of wall anchoring devices on surfaces other than exposed brick or concrete walls to secure items of furniture
  • Installation of LED light globes which do not require new light fittings
  • Installation of a water efficient shower head if the original shower head is retained
  • Installation of blind or cord anchors
  • Installation of security lights, alarm systems or security cameras that
    • do not impact on the privacy of neighbours e.g. A renter must not install a security camera or security light that directly faces a neighbouring premise and
    • can be easily removed from the rented premises and
    • are not hardwired to the rented premises
  • Installation of hardware-mounted child safety gates on walls other than exposed brick or concrete walls

In all rented premises

  • Installation of non-permanent window film for insulation, reduced heat transfer or privacy
  • Installation of a wireless doorbell
  • Replacement of curtains if the original curtains are retained by the renter
  • Installation of adhesive child safety locks on drawers and doors
  • Installation of pressure mounted child safety gates
  • Installation of a lock on a letterbox

If you would like further clarification on the permitted list of modifications please contact your Property Management team.


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