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Property Managers Day
14 Aug 20


On Friday 24th July, Real Estate businesses throughout Australia stopped at 4:00 pm to acknowledge the incredible job property managers have done this year. They have risen to the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, which was completely uncharted territory, right from the outset.

No doubt the rental market has been hit hard over the past few months, but in the midst of this chaos, the humble Property Manager has rapidly adapted to the new climate and learned an abundance of new skills.

All of our Neilson Partners property managers received countless recommendations and testimonials from clients who took the opportunity to thank our team members for their hard work and tireless efforts.

In turn, we take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated and made the time to reach out to their individual property manager and the team as a whole, as a sign of support. We thoroughly enjoyed reading such positive and encouraging words especially at this time when negativity is so common.

Whilst every team member is a shining star in their own right, we were proud to announce that Sharon Carter won our testimonial competition and is now looking forward to a lovely dinner for two when she can. Sharon has been working with us for over 21 years and oversees the department in our Berwick Office. She has most certainly earned every accolade that comes her way.

Thank you again to those who wrote to us – and continue to do so, despite the competition being closed. It really is appreciated.

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