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Professional Photography
20 Jul 20


Would you let your Gardener cut your hair?

Selecting the right way to present your rental property to potential tenants is paramount in the process of securing a good quality applicant. Whilst your property manager is a highly skilled professional in terms of residential property management, the chances are they are not a specialist photographer.  Vendors understand the value of utilising professional photography to display their asset to buyers. A Vendor would never consider a novice being responsible for such an important part of their advertising campaign - so why has this fundamental marketing concept been lost on many investors?


Just the same as marketing of properties for sale, we can ensure that your investment property stands out in the crowd by promoting it with professional photography and or Matterport video tours and 3d floorplans to capture the attention of prospective tenancy clients. Poor photography is detrimental to achieving the best outcome for your leasing campaign.

If COVID-19 has taught us nothing else, it's that change is upon us. The ways we have done things before are quickly becoming outdated and obsolete. Let’s lease your property faster, minimise vacancy periods, maximise rental return and attract quality tenants!

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