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15 Jan 20

Brace for January Activity

So now that the silly season is over, we should start to see a definitive increase in the comings and goings of potential renters. Historically, December enquiry dies off the closer we get to the arrival of the big jolly fellow, subsequently leading to a massive jump in activity in the early to mid-January peak. Those who had chosen to wait for Christmas to be over, now look to secure their new home. Kids are on school holidays and the break over New Year, is an ideal time for packing up a house and moving. It’s a normal part of the year for people to take extended periods off work, allowing opportunities that aren’t there at other times of the year. It’s also a great time to get settled before the working and or school year begins again. So we encourage all landlords to be smart and strategic at this time of the year to secure a great tenant and minimise any vacancy time. We provide as many open homes as we can and even employ extra staff to minimise application processing times in a bid to decrease any vacancy periods for our landlords. In turn, you can assist the leasing process by:

PRESENT YOUR PROPERTY WELL IF IT'S VACANT - Keep the lawns mowed and the letterbox clear

FOR LEASE BOARD – You never know who is driving past and will see it, word of mouth is priceless

PRICE IT RIGHT – An extra $5 or $10 per week is nice, but if the property if empty for a week, you’ve lost that anyway! Be competitive, not vacant

CONSIDER EACH APPLICATION O IT'S OWN MERRITS – If there is a great applicant, snap them up or another landlord will while you're still thinking about it

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