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Summer safety
11 Dec 19


As we move into what has the potential to be a very hot summer season, it is vital to remember to be as safe as possible while we enjoy the warmer months.

We have collated a list of some of the top safety Tips for 2019.

Keep covered – skin, hats, eyes. Protect yourself from the sun.

Be swim smart – be vigilant at all times, be aware of your limitations as a swimmer, check for lifeguard positions, take regular breaks to avoid exhaustion, watch the kids at all times, know water depths.

Know the weather forecast – this may assist you to prepare correctly with appropriate clothing and when planning activities.

Shade breaks – ensure that you have regular stints in the shade to avoid things like sun burn and heat exhaustion.

Leave fireworks to the professionals – enjoy these beautiful displays from a safe distance and let the pros handle the very real safety issues.

Stay hydrated – drink as much water as possible and keep an eye on those particularly susceptible to heat like the elderly and young ones.

Prepare for emergencies – have a well-stocked medical kit on hand and maybe brush up on your first aid techniques.

Be careful with food – food is prone to go off more quickly in the heat, so cases of food poisoning always rise in the summer.

BBQing – always take careful precaution when cooking food outdoors to avoid burns, spillages, accidental fires and instances with faulty gas bottles.

Bug safety – ants, flies and mosquitos are a part of the Australian summer but an annoying one! Use appropriate repellants like sprays and candles carefully

Helmets – be sure to wear helmets and other protective clothing when engaging in activities like cycling and skateboarding.

Hot cars – do not leave children or pets alone in hot cars for any period of time. Hot cars can reach extremely dangerous temperatures very quickly.

Drink responsibility – alcohol and heat do not always create a great mix, so be careful and of course, don’t drink and drive.

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